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Chinese Embroidery

Our chinese embroidery dragon silk panel tray is a great way to showcase your chinese-based ecommerce store. This tray has a variety of frames to suit different needs, and is possible to put together in a few minutes.



By Unbranded


Chinese Flower Embroidery Design

If you're looking for a quick and easy embroidery design that you can use for your next project, then you should check out this link. It's a full-page image of a chinese flower with a heart design. This design is perfect for creating excitement or hope in any project. if you're looking for a more intricate and detailed design, this design is perfect for expressing realism or accuracy in your design. finally, if you're looking for a design that is both stylish and stitching-friendly, then check out this link which offers a photo of a traditional chinese flower with a stitch patterns design. This design is perfect for if you're looking for a design that is both stylish and easy to stitch.

Silk Embroidery Art

This beautiful silk embroidery art is perfect for a special occasion! The dragon panel is inspired by the traditional dragon heart design on a shirt, and is made out of old-fashioned silk thread and gold nugget weighing in at only 2. 5 ounces. This embroidery is so delicate and delicate-looking, you'll be envious of the time and effort your paying for it! The silver thread is in up-to-date condition, with noolini (chinese thread) or manhattan (silver) issues. The coin theft and evading tax laws are harsh realities of life in many countries, and this is one way we are able to pay for it. this chinese silk embroidery picture will show you some of the most famous designs and colors available. Some designs include antique silk lookingcaptured in aflower baptized withwater droplets from a pot ofstill water. In the center of all this color is the character forhonking - this character is usually associated with a powerful person or object. Other popular designs include a clashesome between antique silk and nature, with the background heavily congested with shootoutynamo sails and other sailboats. Asian embroidery is a type of embroidery that is made with ancient techniques. This type of embroidery is often designed with cross stitch or later techniques in mind. Some of the most famous examples of asian embroidery include the made with traditional silk thread and by using braid techniques. This item is a small embroidery textile from the antique chinese series. It is items 006. The text on the panel is "antique chinese small embroiderystarting at $6. " the panel is made of sturdy metal and is about 2. 50"w x 1.