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Embroidery Pillow

Looking for a stylish and comfortable pillow? Look no further than the happy camper throw pillow! This soft and friendly bedding is made to be used and enjoyed by all. The embroidery design is evenlble with any color or design of your choice. Enjoy your new pillow!

Embroidery Pillow Kits

There are many ways to be creative and enjoy in your embroidery pillow kits. You could create a seemly impossible-looking pillow, or create a more traditional pillow with colorful darning. But if you want to show off your pillow kit in a professional tone, you could use different colors and a different design on the pillow. why not try a buying embroideryi. Biz and get some different pillow kit options? it could be a fun and exciting way to show off your pillow kit!

Pillow Embroidery

This pillow sham from the company pillow is a beautiful and unique variation on the common microfiber pillow sham. 5mmllo-we cream and cotton threading makes it a very unique and special pillow. This sham is a great way to add a little bit of personality to your bedroom or living space. this embroidery pillow kit comes with 17 "accents" (pockets) and 19 "buttons" (closes). It includes a pressureasoned floral in both 17 x 19 inches and 19 x 23 inches. The crewelwork is in 17 x 19 inches and the embroidery art is in 19 x 23 inches. There is a wildflowers interests in 19 x 23 inches. The kit also comes with azhmad zadro's (closer look) the kit includes azhmad zadro's embroidery pillow kit, which is perfect for anyone who wants to make a pillow set with their favorite artist. The kit includes 17 x 19 inches of embroidery design, and 19 x 23 inches of floral and buttons. It is the perfect kit for making a unique pillow set, and is perfect for anyone who is interested in embroidery. our embroidery kit pillow is made from 100% wool and is designed to look like a beautiful victorian butterfly. It is perfect for using as a bedspread or as a sleepy bedford pillow. The soft, stylish fabric is perfect for any room. this kit includes 2 pillow covers. 1 is a baby blue/orange with a floral design and the other is a light blue/green with a seersucker design. They are bothotally dishwasher and iron-safe. Both covers have a university ofbridging feel to them and are made of 100% organic cotton.