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Antique Chinese Embroidery

Looking for a high-quality, vintage-looking embroidery? look no further than antique unknown chinese silk embroidery! This design is of a parrot with a blue flower design, perfect for an elderly or wheelchair-bound individual. Have any questions about the design or my process? please contact me.



By Unbranded


Embroidery Chinese

Chinese embroidery crafts: -B if you're looking for chinese embroidery crafts that will add interest and excitement to your event, look no further than our choices! From amc tattoos to mil implantations, we can provide a creative take on any event. Whether you're looking for a small or large event, we can help. Contact us today to book a consultation!

Chinese Hair Embroidery

This tray isframed chinese hand embroidery dragon silk panel tray. It has a beautiful, vibrant chinese design with rich, deep colors. The panel isthlet has a chinese-style fringe and bevelling, and the tray has a chinese-style grosgrain ribbon and bungee cord. This tray is perfect for displaying your rice dishes orione dishes with your favorite chinese recipes. this chinese embroidery dress has a very fine antique chinese silk gold panel embroidery. The fabric is a light weight silk gold, and is about an 1/4 inch wide. The fabric is sewn into the body of the dress. There are two dragon panels at the front, and a small amount of silver thread. The fabric is so light that it doesn't show in the photo. The fabric is meant to be sewn into the body, and not taken up with a layer of color. this beautiful embroidery in china is from an old frame. It is a very nice example of an allbrashes embroidery. The fabric is a very comfortable, hot pink silk and the stitching is very good. The design is a very simple but pretty vase with white flowers. This is a beautiful and unique piece. this item has a small embroidery textile panel with ancient chinese textiles and designs. The item is currently unavailable for purchase because it is being used in an antique chinese design.